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Organizational services starting at $75/hour.

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Family and Academic Organization

Introductory Package - $275

  • Initial observation - 45 min: Initial introduction after which you will be given the Harmonized Solutions Preliminary Assessment Package to complete in the convenience of your own home.

  • Initial Home Visit - 45 min: I will come to your home to observe first hand how your routines are structured, what your work spaces look like, and get a sense of what changes I can help you make with your physical environment.  I will pick up the completed assessment package at the end of the visit

  • Secondary Home Visit - 45min: After reviewing the results of the Harmonized Solutions Preliminary Assessment Package in combination with the observations made at the initial home visit, and any available IEP, I will create a tailored Results and Recommendations Report that will give you insight into your results and provide you with comprehensive ‘First Steps’ strategies (tips and tricks for your child’s learning style, how to set up an ideal homework station, time management suggestions and techniques, and how to use your child’s natural strengths to their advantage).  I will guide the family through my recommendations in your home.

Additional Support - $75/hour:

As with many skills, these techniques will take practice.  Subsequent appointments can be made where I will provide supplementary observations and offer further techniques and guidance through my program.  Regularly scheduled appointments are encouraged for establishing routine and honing organizational and study methods.  A portion of the time would be spent working one-on-one with your child followed by time spent with the parents where I will provide further organizational strategies and share how they can best support their child through this process.