Household Organization

The organizing process can be long and difficult, below I outline my methodology to tackle your goals.


Initial Telephone Consultation


During our 20 minute phone consultation, we will discuss your areas of concerns, your priorities and your goals. This conversation will also allow me to determine if I am the best fit for your needs, and you can decide whether you feel comfortable to move on to the next step, which is scheduling the in home initial assessment.

Initial In-Home Assessment

1.5 hours @ $70

The In-Home Assessment is the most important step while preparing for an organizing project. During the visit I will be able to better asses the areas in which you would like to work and start the planning process. After reviewing what is and is not working and analyzing how your family uses the space on a daily basis we can discuss your goals for the problem areas. Following the tour of the physical space, we will discuss how the future organizing work sessions will typically run and what I feel a realistic time frame for the project might be. Finally, I will answer any other concerns and leave you to decide how many hours or which package is the right fit for your family. After the visit, I will e-mail you the service agreement, which will outline what was decided upon and we can book our first work session!

Organizing Session

An organizing session may very depending on the type of project; however, most work sessions will run in the same general way. First, we will carefully sort through your belongings and group similar things together. Next, when you can clearly see all of your items, I can help you decide what is worth keeping and what can be removed. An item that is to be removed can find any number of new ‘homes’ be it; recycling, consignment, donation, garbage or simply a different room in your house. Then, when we assess the items that are left, I can guide you through how things can be organized so you can utilize your space and time most efficiently.

Small projects may be completed in a matter of a few hours, while larger, more intensive areas of the home may have to be divided over several work sessions. Regardless if your project is big or small, I would love to help you and your family achieve your goals of reaching a more organized home by creating for your family tailored and harmonized solutions.


Hourly Rate


Bronze Package

4 hours @ $210

Silver Package

10 hours @ $500

Gold Package

16 hours @ $760

Platinum Package

24 hours @ $1,080


* Minimum 2 hours per session are suggested.

** All packages can be spread over multiple sessions.

*** Payment for packages is requested upon booking.

DIY Consultation Package


If you would rather tackle organizing independently but would just like a little guidance, this plan includes:

  • Initial phone consultation.

  • 1.5 - 2 hour walk through of your home where we will discuss the problem areas and your intended goals.

  • I will share my recommended course of action for your family.

  • Finally, I will follow-up with a detailed e-mail reviewing all of my recommendation including organizing product suggestions.